Automatic Guillotine Systems

The automatic sash glazing system (vertical sliding window); is a motorized vertical sliding glazing system function with remote control.

When the system is in the open position, (the leaves are down) the system acts as a balustrade, and when the leaves are closed the system acts as a window.

It is a new system for closing Cafés, Restaurants, Verandas, Pergolas, Balconies, Extensions, etc.

The system can be manufactured with 8mm glass or 5+12+5mm double glazing.

Possibility of having 2, 3, or 4 leaves and an opening up to 4000mm in width and 4000mm in height.
All system profiles are covered by an EPDM gasket and brushes that provide maximum insulation.

For additional insulation, foam or brush seals can be applied in the double-layered side profiles.

View clarity is maximized with the minimum vertical and horizontal profile design that ensures a 98% panoramic view.

G-Motion system; guarantees silent and comfortable movement.


The automatic sash glazing system meets European standards, and has been tested for water permeability (class 9A), air (class3), wind and shock resistance, (I3/I5) system has Pfb Institute certificate from Germany.