Mosquito Nets

Pleated mosquito nets are a very strong and elegant form of insect protection. Their appearance strongly resembles the standard plies used inside buildings. They can be installed both on windows and on balcony doors. They are ideal for balcony or terrace exits.

Pleated Mosquito Net

Their low-threshold construction eliminates the barrier for the elderly, disabled, or children. Thanks to a unique system of smooth slides, they can be opened in different directions and locked in any place. Additional brushes guarantee 100% sealing, and the appropriate spacing of the mosquito nets ensures good air circulation. Pleated mosquito nets are easy to assemble and disassemble. Thus, the mosquito net can be easily removed for the winter or when cleaning the windows.

Semi-Automatic Roll-up Mosquito Nets

The vertical roll-up mosquito net is guided by aluminum guides with a sealing brush. The brush seal on the load bar and the telescopic end brackets ensure a perfect seal, even if the window frame is not square. The canvas is reinforced and the frame oversized in all its components. It is equipped with anti-wind retention brushes and a weighting of the load bar for an optimal tension of the canvas.