Rolling Shutters

Roller shutter systems increase the security of your homes while contributing to thermal insulation. It offers solutions for your needs with different sizes and types of insulated and extruded slats. Mikapen offers you many options of Roller Shutters with Somfy or Manual motorization according to your needs with different color combinations for your new home or during renovation.

Our roller shutter systems not only protect your home or workplace from the elements but also provide protection from the elements that may disturb you, such as noise and noise pollution.

You can also protect yourself against theft with shutter systems that you can use at your workplace or at home.

Our roller shutters never have any issues that may bother you, such as rust or discoloration. You can easily use our shutters for many years, you can reduce the effect of the sun in the summer months and provide thermal insulation in the winter months.

Thanks to our products in different structures and colors, you can find the product that suits you best.


Control your roller shutters with a Somfy motor from your remote control or wall button.


Simple to install, the one-piece shutter adapts to all styles of facades, in new construction as in renovation. This set with an integrated box does not depend on the masonry.

VR Surface Mounted

Mainly used in case you have small opening heights, in order to keep a maximum of clarity. The roller shutter will be placed on the outside against your wall and will not be placed in front of your window.

VR Chest Titan

The roller shutter integrated into a tunnel box (Titan box) is invisible from the inside and from the outside because the box is integrated into the thickness of the wall.

RV Chest Half Lintel

A half-box is integrated into the masonry. The inspection hatch is on the underside of the lintel.