Design and Manufacturing

We know that the correct application of our CSTB certified products requires correct design and manufacture.

With our dynamic and professional team able to meet your needs and bring new perspectives to your projects, we design and manufacture with the principle of perfection.


Innovative strength is our most important success criterion. We identify your needs and develop practical solutions for you. Functionality and quality are the main sources of our goal.

Manufacturing of Aluminum systems

Mikapen offers you solutions adapted to your needs for aluminum doors, windows, sliding doors, shutters, garage doors, and automatic Guillotine systems.

Manufacturing of PVC systems

We manufacture PVC systems for door systems, windows, sliding systems, shutters, garage doors. Once your application is ready we deliver them to your home.

Glazing Solutions

With its expertise and at the cutting edge of technology, Mikapen is the manufacturer par excellence of double, laminated, acoustic, triple, and Low-E glazing.


Surface finishing, which provides the highest level of corrosion protection, is one of the company's most important technologies. Surface finishing for Aluminum and Pvc is carried out in our own factory. This surface process meets the strictest European criteria. MIKAPEN offers a very wide range of surface finishes.